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"While we’re safe in isolation with extra time and less of our focus on other people, use this Full moon in Scorpio as an opportunity to get to know your shadow self. The Shadow self is an Archetype of the dark parts of your personality and being-those inner thoughts, beliefs, feelings and patterns we often hide from others. When we take ownership and responsibility for our show self, we can heal and transform ourselves from the inside out. This can lead to a greater compassion, understanding, sanity and a sense of wholeness: Ready to take on the world."


Full and Waning Moon in Scorpio

The energy of the full and waning moon in the sign of Scorpio supports spells relating to shedding unwanted habits, self-doubts and other energies in order to work toward a positive transformation; rebirth; removing anything that is interfering with your satisfaction with your love life; removing issues interfering with your own self love; revealing deceptions and other secrets; facing fears and anxieties in order to overcome them; removing blockages and obstacles to your spiritual and psychic growth.

Full Moon Water


Full Moon Scrying

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This Month's Full Moon Bag will Consist of Everything you need for a simple Scrying & Full Moon Water Ritual.

Blessings on Your Journey!


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