Materials Needed:

white sculpy clay

a feather


paper & pen

labradorite crystal

palo santo or sage



potted bulbs not yet blooming

Prepare yourself for ceremony by taking a salt bath or shower and releasing the energy of the day.

Set up Your Circle with Your  Altar in the Center, placing there the Candle, Incense, Palo Santo, Feather, Paper & Pen, the Labradorite crystal, some matches & the Potted Bulbs.

Add Eggs, Pussy willows, Budding Branches, images of the Maiden Goddesses~representations of the coming Spring~ and other sacred objects & crystals if you wish.  

Cleanse your space using the Palo Santo or your smudge & the Feather, using the feather to fan the smoke, starting in the East and Making a complete Circle back to your beginning point.

Light the Candle, saying a Blessing for your Space.

Light Your Incense and Inhale the Clean scent of a warm Spring day...

Facing East, place your hands on your heart & take a few moments to Honor Yourself and your own Divinity, as you recall all of these past months of Winter and the changes and challenges that you've gone through. Give thanks for the Blessings & Wisdom that came to you during the Wintertide, as well as the challenges and the pain that you

may have endured. Close your eyes gently and, in your mind's eye, see an image of Spring that you remember which has brought you Joy. Hear the returning birds and smell of the damp, rich earth as mud makes way for grass and blooming  Spring flowers.

When you are ready, open the packet of sculpting clay and work the clay in your hands until it becomes soft and pliable, envisioning the boundless energy of Spring flowing all around you. Let the excitement and rebirth of life, as it peeks through the veil of winter, invigorate you as you give your March Hare shape and detail. Take your time this.

On the paper, list the things you want to have more energy to accomplish. List the 'seeds' you wish to fertilize & grow, making the promise to nourish them in the coming months & envision yourself completing those tasks with ease and nimble skill. Your hare can be finished in a 275 degree oven (toaster oven is perfect) for 15-20 minutes.

 Communicate with your Hare often and carry her around when you find yourself feeling sluggish. Enjoy talking openly to your creation and develop an entire life story of wild adventures for your Hare. Opening our lives to the enlivening essence of this amazing creature can help fuel us in those last lingering days of winter and the early days of Spring before the Earth reawakens. The Hare reminds us that life is meant to be playful and inspiring, and asks us to look within to acknowledge our fears and to let them go, trusting the Universe to support us.

Close your Circle by Giving Thanks to the Goddess and the Spirits that may have joined you. Bow to the East and extinguish your Candle. Water your bulbs and watch them grow and bloom, along with your Inner Self.

You may light the candle each night until the Equinox on the 20th, visualizing completing your intentions as you do. Carry the Labradorite & paper with you as a reminder of your goals and promises to see them manifest.


Spring Blessings!


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