Join me as we travel to the beautiful lands of the Mayan Riviera where you will be shown the hidden beauty and sacred wisdom of the ancient Mayan energies on the Island of Cozumel. While each journey is uniquely different in their energy, theme and location ~Reiki Training, Art Workshops, Exploring 3 Mayan Ruins, Connecting to the Divine Within & More~all include 7 nights accommodations at small 'Boutique hotels in San Miguel on  Isla Cozumel, full Mexican breakfast each day, several group meals during the week, transportation from the Airport and for all group excursions plus a Group Adventure or two.












You will also time to explore on your own the amazing variety of dining options located in the downtown San Miguel area. Included in our group activities are a traditional Mayan Temazcal or Steam Bath, a guided exploration of the Mayan Ruins, Swimming & Beach Time in Crystal Clear Blue Healing Waters and Much More. 


NOT Included is your Airfare and help is available in deciding the best approach for you. Typical Airfare ranges from $400-700. roundtrip, depending on season and airport location. 






*A Valid US Passport and Spending Money for the 'On Your Own Days & Nights'. Credit Cards are NOT USED HERE as often as they are in the US and many small businesses DO NOT ACCEPT THEM. The best way to access cash in Pesos is with an ATM card with Cash in your US Account. DISCOVER CARD IS NOT USED IN MEXICO.

*An English~to~Spanish Handbook. Although most of those working in the tourist trade speak English, it is nice to know a few key words and phrases when visiting another country, especially 'Good Morning', 'Good Afternoon', 'Good Evening', 'Please', 'Thank You' 'The Check Please' 'Where is the bathroom' and 'One More Beer, Please' :) 


*Good Physical Condition. On these journeys we will be walking and exploring Mayan Ruins and the Temazcal is not for anyone with heart conditions or those who would not normally partake in a sauna or steam bath. While this part of the journey can be optional, it is a very empowering and important part of the Equinox cleansing ceremony and is encouraged to be experienced for optimal results. 


*A Positive, Open Outlook and Adventurous Spirit as we will be traveling to and in a foreign Country. While there is much negative influence in the US media regarding the safety of travel in Mexico, the Mayan Riviera is worlds away from the troubles you hear about. The area we travel to is actually one of the safest in the WORLD and my family & I have been going there for several years, never experiencing a problem.


That said, the focus and intent of these journeys is to open the Heart Center, which is our connection to both the physical reality in which we live and the Spiritual Realm in which our Higher, Divine Self resides. Once you land in either Cancun or Cozumel, you are no longer in 'Kansas' and as expected, cultural differences will prevail and it is important when traveling to be respectful and aware that our way of life is not the only, or necessarily the 'right' one. If you are open to these differences and allow the energy of the land & the people to touch you, you will return a different person. 


*Summer clothing with lightweight/colored fabrics and comfortable walking shoes. Pack lightly! Leave the big, heavy pocketbooks at home. A 'fanny pack' and/or lightweight backpack is ideal. A wide brimmed hat for sun protection and sunscreen of 50spf or higher, preferably waterproof and 'reef safe' is a must. Temperatures in March range in the high 70s to lower 80s with lower humidity but it is still more humid than we are used to. September weather is very hot & humid but we spend much of the time on the beach & in the water and there is always a wonderful breeze! 


*Able to eat Non~American foods with few dietary restrictions. Most of Mexico is naturally 'gluten free' as corn is their staple food. I am wheat sensitive and actually feel wonderful when eating traditional foods here. If you enjoy fresh fish & seafood and fresh fruits this is the place to be! The resturant choices made are picked for the flavors and variety along with the HEALTHY quality of offerings, you won't be disappointed. 


You will be a given an informational package with your deposit which includes many pages of helpful suggestions and online links to help you 'get acquainted' with our destination well ahead of time. Unless, of course, you enjoy the unknown and would rather be pleasantly surprised! 


 The typical cost for the week if you share a room with another traveler is approximately $1250 including the above meals, local transportation and experiences. A private room would cost approximately $1600.  We will require a deposit to hold your space which will be fully refunded should we not secure enough interest to make the trip possible. Thank you for visiting and I hope to share my love of this land with you one day!






 Sacred Journeys to the Mayan Riviera

map of Cozumel