The Healing Arts Practitioners at Crossroads


Below you will find a listing of our Practitioners along with a description of their services. underlines provide links to their personal websites or page here. Please remember, when you book an appointment, we see that as a commitment between yourself and our professionals so please honor their time and let us know 24~hours prior to any need to cancel or reschedule. Thank~You and Blessings on Your Journey!

Body in Balance with Anthony Fowler, LMT

Ten Points of Light (Body in Balance) is a sole proprietorship owned by Anthony Fowler. Anthony has been a licensed Massage Therapist in the State of New York since August 2013 and offers treatment utilizing a variety of techniques to address identified soft tissue restrictions that may cause pain and or prohibit proper range of motion.

He strives to identify a client's physical, emotional, psychological impingements and guide them from a state of disease into a state of balance. Anthony believes it is possible to become biologically younger as we grow chronologically older!


$75 ~ 1 Hour Session

518.378.5813 for Appointments


Sleeping Dragon Intuitive Energy Healing
                                  & Soul Therapy Bodywork 
Elisabeth Rolfe, RM IARP, is a Reiki Master and has completed coursework in the Mastery of Healing apprenticeship at the Center for Natural Wellness. Using a combination of Reiki, Psychology of the Body philosophies & her intuitive abilities, a session can help assist in discovering underlying emotional blockages and release stuck energy which hinders creative and emotional growth in the client. Energy Healing can also assist in and work with traditional western medicine treatment, stress reduction, pain management and many more common complaints in today's fast~paced world. If nothing else, it is a quiet, peaceful place to allow yourself to just 'be' and do nothing but enjoy the warmth and comfort of Divine energy flowing through you, reconnecting you to your Higher Self.