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Welcome to our Sacred Space of Divine Inspiration where you'll find many locally crafted and lovingly created gifts to bring peace and possibly enlightenment to your Mind, Body, Spirit & Senses.

We hand-pick each item that we sell and strive to find women~owned & small, independent businesses to work with and the energy of our products can be felt as soon as you walk in the door. Located on the Pedestrian Walkway in Downtown Schenectady, across the street from Proctor's Theater, we have expanded to now include more room for fresh food and seasonal produce along with many new crystals and stones! Our intimate Healing Room allows for private sessions with Divinely Connected & Professional Bodyworkers and Intuitives to help you on your journey. Thank you for taking the time to find us & please make sure to sign up for our newsletter! See you Soon!!!

*Note: If you have never been here before please note that we are located on a pedestrian walkway (Jay Street), therefore, be mindful of parking! There is free parking in the Clinton Street public lot & around city hall (metered parking).

Upcoming Event: Alysha's Moon Sign Workshop

Join us on the Full Moon as we connect to Her illuminating Light and take a personal look within to discover where the Moon was in your astrological chart at the time of your birth. 

What moon sign are you? How Does it impact your daily life? Join astrology lover Alysha Lee as she takes you through a lunar journey to learn all about your shadow side, emotions and how the moon phases impact us daily. We will be covering all 12 moon signs, the movement of the moon and how our Moon sign influences our relationships. 

Potluck Sharing after class. Please bring a light dish to share. Refreshments are provided. Includes a meditation/Moon Ceremony, all materials and a charged crystal based on your Moon sign! Reserve your space today!

Newest Inventory

A huge new Crystal order is being processed in Florida and also finally, Tarot Cards & a few other Divinely Inspired metaphysical & spiritual books have been ordered and should arrive next week!

I tend to shy away from the term 'miracle cure' but so many people are finding amazing results with our CBD oils that I'm beginning to wonder if maybe... Here's some recent feedback from a happy Gnome Serum customer...

"I placed one half dropper full under my tongue. After two minutes I swallowed. In about 45 mins. I noticed I was an hour the felling was like... If you go into your attic and see all clutter & the clutter was gone. . .. It lasted all night. I felt like I was sleeping in a cloud. Wonderful. This is a stressful time in my life and Gnome Serum is a blessing."

Relieve Stress with our Amethyst Bio-Mat!

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